There are many different Crystal formations such as Crystal Generator, Double Terminated, Laser Wand, Bridge Crystal, Channelling Crystal, Transmitting Crystal, Window Crystal, Isis Crystal, Dow, Trans Channel Crystal, Record Keeper Crystal, Phantom Crystal, Crystal Cluster, Twin Crystal, and Rainbow Crystals just to name a few.

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Crystal Generators are 6 sided crystals with a single termiated point.

Promotes clarity and concentration.

double terminated

Double Terminated
Double Terminated Crystals are crystals with two terminated points, one at each end.

Promotes the understanding of two different view points. Balances opposing energies and promotes energy flow.

laser wand

Laser Wand
Laser Wand or Laser Point Crystals are single crystal fingers.

Contains ancient knowledge. They are used to heal and create powerful grids which can amplify other crystals or items placed at the center.

Bridge Crystals have at least one smaller crystal sticking out and penetrating the main body of the crystal.

Helps to create a bridge from the inner world to the outer world allowing communication and understanding.


Channelling Crystal
Channelling Crystals have a large seven sided face with two small triangular face on either side and one triangular face directly behind the main face.

Inner wisdom and inner light.


Transmitting Crystal
Transmitting Crystals have a perfect triangle with two seven sided faces either side.

Teaches us to ask and receive.


Window Crystal
Window Crystals have a diamond shape at the meeting point of four faces.

Represents balance and integration. Removes all masks and reveals the true self, like looking into a clear and truthful mirror.


Isis Crystal
Isis Crystals have a main face made up of a five sided pentagon.

Femmine power, symbolising the Goddess. Provides inner strength and the ability to overcome obstacles and renew life.


Dow or Trans Channel Crystal
Dow or Trans Channel Crystals have six faces in the pattern of 7,3,7,3,7, with three triangles alternating with three seven sided faces.

Represents perfection of everything as it exisits. Teaches us to balance the material world with that of our spiritual essense.

Record Keeper

Record Keeper Crystal
Record Keeper Crystals have one or more triangles visible on one or more faces of the crystal.

Contains sacred ancient universal knowledge through access to the Akashic Records. Helps bring wisdom and love.

Phantom Crystal

Phantom Crystal
Phantom Crystals have phantom crystal shapes inside them, representing the evolutionary experience of that crystal.

Represents universal wisdom and knowledge, as well as the many stages of life. They promote the healing and purification of the Earth.

Twin Crystal

Twin Crystal
Twin Crystals are two points sharing the same main body.

Unite the physical and spiritual bodies. Promotes unity and divine connection with another beings.
Elestial Crystal

Elestial Crystals are multiple points growing from the same main crystal body.

Represent unity and harmony. Helps align personal goals with the needs of the whole.
Crystal Cluster

Cluster Crystals are two or more points growing from the the same base.

Teaches harmony and cooperation through working together.
aggregator Crystal

Aggregator Crystals are large crystals partially or totally covered in smaller crystals.

Represents the old soul (larger crystal) working with the new (smaller crystals). Useful for working with families or groups.

Rainbow Crystal

Rainbow Crystal
Rainbow Crystals are crystals with visible rainbows within the crystal structure.

Rainbows are the ultimate expression of light, representing all of creation. They provide a deep healing energy from the birth of the comos. Helps with sadness, grief and depression.

Self Healed Crystal

Self Healed Crystals
Self Healed Crystals are crystals that have been fractured or broken away from its matrix and have continued to grow and heal themselves.

Promotes self healing and regeneration.


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