15th September 2010,

An existence in simplicity, there are so many books from many different authors all who have had many grand and wonderful spiritual experiences. This experience leads them into a path of discovery and knowledge. The reality of this is that not all of us will have such dramatic experiences, however that doesn't mean we cant enrich or lives with unconditional love and abundance that surrounds each and every one of us. Its hard to break the old ways and its easy to fall back into the old paths. Once you begin your own personal journey your life will never be the same. I think one of the pitfalls is that people expect to have certain experience only then to the discover the reality is very different and in there frustration they miss the perfect lesson or experience that was being provided for them in there current world view and understanding. The search for knowledge and wisdom is a never ending path there is a distinct difference between knowledge and wisdom and life often lead us into situation to not gain knowledge but wisdom. You can read every book under the sun but it is not until you experience it for yourself will you truly understand the lessons that life have to offer you.

Here You will find information a diverse information on a large range of topics. We are still in the process of collating all the information together, so check back regularly as this section will grow quiet substantially.

Only take out of this the information that rings true to you. There is a diverse range of information targeting, a wide range of people. We hope that this information may help you along your path.

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