Confidence Crystal Pack
Confidence Crystal Pack

Crystal Pack - Confidence

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Confidence Crystal Pack

Crystal Pack Meaning Our Confidence Pack will help you find your strengths and confidence and who you are and help you to seek and speak your truth. 4 stones, 40 to 80g.

Carnelian is a warm and joyous crystal that enhances the physical, emotional and mental bodies, attuning to your inner self and opening the heart.
Rhondonite is an emotional balancer that nurtures love, stimulating and clearing the heart. It grounds and balances your energy allowing you to see your highest potential.
Citrine is an energising stone that provides happiness, courage, hope and warm. It is said to hold the energy of the sun enhancing our self esteem, self expression and creativity.
Tiger Eye brings confidence, strength, courage and protection. It sharpen the senses helping you to be practical, centred and grounded. It enhances personal power, allows clarity, good judgement, clear perception and insight, aiding in good decision making.