Exercises for seeing and sensing Auras

Exercise for sensing Auras #1

Place the palm of your hands together and rub them vigorously. Now pull them apart and then slow bring them back together.

As you do this you will feel a resistance. This resistance is you aura, as you bring your hands together you will feel it more strongly. When you reach a certain distance the resistance will dissipate as the auras from your hands merge into one. You can also perform this exercise with 2 people, allowing yourselves to sense the resistance of each others auras.

Exercise for sensing Auras #2
With a friend you can practice a similar exercise for feeling auras. Sit comfortably and close your eyes, be in a calm relaxed state. Have your friend come over to you and slowly bring their hands towards you. The aim of this exercise is to be able to feel when your aura is being touched. Tell your friend when you feel them touching you. You may be surprised how far away they actual are. 
Something to note with those of you who are quiet close your auras tend to merge as one making this exercise a little difficult as it can be hard to find the boundaries.

Exercise for seeing auras #3
Try to defocus you eyes and be in a relaxed state of mind. Don't try too hard it will come naturally. If this cause you any discomfort stop immediately.


Make pointing gestures with your left and right hands. Bring your hands together so that your finger tips are touching. 
Concentrate on the area around your fingers. As hard as it sounds try not to look for anything in particular. Give it some time and you will begin to see a faint light glow around your fingers. This may or may not have colour.

hands aura

Once you begin to notice this light, slowly begin to pull your fingers apart and as you do this you will see a trail of light connecting your two finger tips. It behaves kind of like a stretchy, sticky substance, and as you reach a certain point it will disconnect.

hand arua

When you are comfortable with this try placing all of your finger tips together and slowly moving them apart. Play and have fun with this, the more you become aware of your aura the more easily you will notice others.

Exercise for seeing auras #4
Hold your hand against a plain surface such as a ceiling. Begin to defocus your eyes. Again try not to look for anything in particular. Try not to look directly at the hand itself but rather the area around your hand. In time you should begin to see a light outline of your  hand that follows the shape of the physical hand. What colour is it? What is the movement of the light? How long can you see it for?

When starting out, as you begin to see the aura around your hand, you instinctively focus on it and this causes it to disappear. With practice you will be able to maintain what you see. 

You can also do this same exercise on objects. Every single item in the room has an aura, an energy signature so to speak. Try block colours and see what colour auras they have?

Congratulate yourself, you are beginning to see a new world, a world that is right there in front of you.