Fear & Anxiety Crystal Pack
Fear & Anxiety Crystal Pack

Crystal Pack - Fear & Anxiety

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Fear & Anxiety Crystal Pack

Crystal Pack Meaning Our Fear & Anxiety Pack will provide help overcoming fear, worry and anxiety, these crystals can help you feel calm, grounded, balanced and protected. They can help you see love, truth and compassion and help you to open your heart to your strongest self. 6 stones, 60 to 100g.

Fire Agate is the stone of courage, protection and strength, enhancing vigour and positive thinking. It has a deep connection to the earth bringing safety and security with its calming energy. It also helps to alleviate fears and reflect harm away.
Green Aventurine promotes a positive, easy going outlook on life, balancing the male and female energies. It brings joy, happiness, emotional tranquillity and balance.
Sodalite helps bring emotional balance and can be helpful in times of worry or stress. It helps release our fears that hold us back from being who we truly are, promoting self esteem, self acceptance and self trust.
Black Tourmaline is a very supportive crystal that protects us from external influences and stresses. It grounds and anchors our energy within the body.
Nuummite is a strong protective stone, warding off negative energies. It reinforces the courage needed to be healed and whole. It aids in releasing energies trapped in the subconscious connected to fear, trauma and guilt.
Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer, it resonates with the divine bringing light, energy and pure love into your life, connecting you to your higher self it provides clarity in thinking and awareness.