Grounding Crystal Pack
Grounding Crystal Pack

Crystal Pack - Grounding

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Grounding Crystal Pack

Crystal Pack Meaning Our Grounding Pack will help during those times when you feel ungrounded and disconnected, these crystals can help you feel more grounded and balanced with the earth and Mother Nature. 6 stones, 60 to 100g.

Red Jasper is grounding and stimulating crystal. It represents the earth and promotes stability and balance in life.
Smokey Quartz helps dissipate blocked energy and negativity, helping you to feel more grounded and balanced.
Black Tourmaline is a very supportive crystal that protects us from external influences and stresses. It grounds and anchors our energy within the body.
Hematite is a grounding and protective stone that energises and vitalises the body.
Tiger Eye is a protective crystal that helps you to be practical, centred and grounded.
Bloodstone enhances the natural flow of energy throughout the body.