Love & Relationships Crystal Pack
Love & Relationships Crystal Pack

Crystal Pack - Love & Relationships

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Happiness & Joy Crystal Pack

Crystal Pack Meaning Our Happiness & Joy Pack will help you feel the warmth and joy that comes when you connect with these beautiful heartwarming crystals. Like a bit of sunshine on a rainy day they will make you feel uplifted and happy. 3 stones, 30 to 60g.

Carnelian is a warm and joyous crystal that enhances the physical, emotional and mental bodies, attuning to your inner self and opening the heart.
Amethyst is best known as the stone of calming and intuition. It has a beautiful gentle and peaceful energy that just makes you feel calm and happy.
Citrine is known for its revitalising energy. It is said to hold the energy of the sun providing happiness courage, hope and warmth.