Petrified Wood Sphere

Petrified Wood Sphere 3.8cm dia

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Petrified Wood Sphere, 3.8cm dia, 60g

Petrified Wood Crystal Meaning:
Petrified Wood promotes inner harmony helping you to see the good and positive side of life. It is a strong grounding stone used the calm the nerves and to help bond with the earth and the energy of the planet. It helps relieve worries and provides a sense of well being, composure and calm allowing you to accept and external influences and use them to meet your own goals in life. Petrified Wood is a stone of transformation and can help recall past lives during meditation, its helps us to transcend to our higher self.

Healing: Helps with the circulatory system aiding with arthritis, rheumatism and blood clots, strengthens the back, muscle tissue and alignment of the skeletal system, calms the nerves and helps appetite.
Chakras: Base, Sacral &Solar Plexus